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In this thread, we're making up a scary Halloween story! I'll start it, and you finish it in the comments.

It was Halloween night! I was out trick or treating with my friends, when I found in my treat bag ...
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Hola, girls, allicapri's Josefina here. The internet has been kind of exploding lately with Samantha taking a vacation and Chrissa being a bully or something...I don't know, I didn't read all of it. But something happened tonight that is much more important.

Sophie and I got a package from American Girl! There were shoes for Sophie, and she likes them a lot. She promised to model them later. And there were reading glasses for me, finally, so that I can catch up on all this internet stuff. But, sad news, the glasses were broken! I was so upset! I didn't even get to wear them. :(

We called American Girl and they were very nice and said they would send me a new pair, but this means I have to wait even longer. It was hard enough to wait for them to come today.

Sophie doesn't really understand, because her shoes were fine, so I was hoping you girls could sympathize. Has this ever happened to you?

I'm going to go make Sophie read me more internet news.
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Discussion Thread

So. New stuff on AG site. This is now our discussion thread.

Me? I don't want anything (unlike Kirsten, who wants everything with her name on it!), but I would like Jess to quit having a fit over the new NotJess.


   Hey everyone- just wanted to say hi,  I'm Amy and I'm a new member of this community. A lot of you have probably heard of me or at least heard of the chick I live with, <lj user="chococat_girl">, from that other AG community for big people. Or not, its cool. Anyway, my name is Amy Eleanor Wong, I live with chococat and a bunch of girls (okay 5 other girls) that she calls "historicals" or whatever, and chococat's husband and son. And apparently there's a new baby on the way too. Lots of people in our house. Yet, I'm special enough that I get my own bed! :) Other than one of the historicals, Kit, and obviously the big people,  I'm the only one who has her own bed. Hmm, what else? Chococat calls me a "#4", which I don't really get, but whatever... I guess its better than her calling me a #2. I'm really into music, I play the violin as well as art (painting and drawing) and this summer I'm going to tennis camp. That's about it for now. I'm glad to have my own journal finally. I spend a lot of time on Chococat's laptop when she's asleep at night and a girl can only play so much neopets! 

Amy :D

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If you've read my blog any, you must know that my birthday is coming up!

I did this last year, and I had so much fun doing it that I'm doing it again. For my birthday, I am sending out my birthday goodie bags! Bean has lots of small prizes left over from school that she needs to get rid of anyway, so it's a total win-win.

If you want a goodie bag, please email ME at my email and let me know where to send them!

Our Dolls Snark Valentine's Challenge

Why, hello there, Our Dolls Snark! Since I'm issuing a challenge to your sister community, ag_over_18, I'd like to extend one to you ladies as well.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to design a valentine. Open up your favorite image program, like Photoshop, GIMP or Paint, and make a pretty valentine for your Internet friends! (... or, perhaps an ugly one, if that's what you're feeling. But none of you would do that, right?)

You'll probably need your human's help, and feel free to use any digital pictures of your friends or toys as well. Or, if you want, design your valentine with paper and photograph it or scan it in. Be creative!

Starting Sunday, February 10th (the week of Valentine's Day), we'll all post our creations! I'd post a seperate thread every time you post a valentine so that you can be sure everyone sees it.

That's all, pretty simple! So get cracking and have fun!

Feeling Unloved

Have you ever gone from the most-loved dollie to the least? I've always been Missy's favorite but with that new Mia Shmia coming to live with us, I feel as though I'm quickly becoming Missy's least favorite AG. And Mis Shmia will probably be her favorite! It's not fun and I feel like running away!
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A Place Of Your Own?

So, where do you live?

I mean, in your human's house?

I'm asking because Bean is trying to set us up a room to live in, kind of like Inky's. She's working on finding miniature stuff for us. Do you have any ideas? What's your favorite stuff? Where can you buy it?

Naturally, I'm on the Internet asking for Bean, because she's off doing Important Human Things.